Product Care

How should you take care of your Silver Creek product?

Should I use salt to de-ice my tiles?

NO. Over time, salt use will affect the surface and durability of the tiles.  Instead, remove ice or snow with a stiff brush or plastic shovel.

Can I use a pressure washer on my tiles?

YES.  Follow your equipment manufacturer's instructions carefully.  Washing your patio too frequently or too strongly can affect the surface of the landscape tiles.  Be careful to not wash sand out from between the joints.

How often should I clean my tiles?

As often as you feel is necessary. For a thorough cleaning, use an approved concrete/masonry cleaning product to remove discolorations.  Chemical cleaners should be used in moderation - used too often, they can damage the surface and affect the durability.  Consult your paver or landscaping supplier for recommended cleaning products.

Can I use a sealant on my landscape tiles?

Yes. Use a high quality sealer suitable for concrete masonry.  Follow manufacturer's application instructions.

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