Protecting Your Investment

Sands + Sealers

Like any decorative exterior surface, pavers aren't immune from the effects mother nature.  Preserve the value of your investment with the application of a Techniseal® protector.

BBQ grease, motor oil, suntan lotion, fertilizer granules, bird droppings, leaf stains, paint and tire marks all conspire to dull the beauty of decorative pavement.
Techniseal products are the optimal prevention against discoloration caused by weathering, UV rays and salt. Over time, the corrosive forces of nature can take a toll on pavers. Applying a protector slows the march of time.

Make surfaces easier to clean.

The time and effort required for regular cleaning or preparing to entertain is dramatically reduced if your pavement is protected. Sealers are the ultimate protection against oil and other stains.

Create the look you like.

Four beautiful finishes from which to choose will customize the finished look of your pavement. Preserve its natural aesthetic or enhance its color. Enjoy a glossy (wet) or matte finish. Any combination is possible with Techniseal® protectors.



Whatever project your mind can conceive, Techniseal® has the polymeric sand to complete the job and keep it looking good for years and years to come.

Choose the right sand the first time.

Your paver project represents an investment in your home and the time you spend outdoors. Erosion and the subsequent maintenance of jointing sand can similarly erode your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Unlike other paver jointing sands, Techniseal® Polymeric Sand remains in place, resisting erosion caused by repeated sweeping, wind, rain and even power washing.

Eliminate grass and weeds.

Weeds and grasses will take root anywhere they can, including your new patio if not sanded properly. Techniseal® Polymeric Sand creates an impenetrable sand joint and represents the best defense available against unwanted vegetation.

Insect protection.

Without the proper protection, ants will take up residence in the spaces between pavers. Like weed prevention, Techniseal's Polymeric Sand forms an impenetrable barrier against ant and insect tunneling.


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